Our Mentors

Cameron Ferguson, Branford College, cameron.ferguson@yale.edu

Cameron Ferguson is an East Asian Studies major from Boston with an interest in Chinese politics and sociology. In addition to serving as RSL Director of Human Resources, Cameron writes articles for the Yale men’s tennis team, volunteers with No Closed Doors to help New Haven residents obtain employment, and serves on Yale’s Senior Class Council. Since his freshman year, he has spent over two and a half years interning and studying abroad in China, which has shown him firsthand the importance of higher education in an increasingly globalized world. In his free time, he enjoys working out and watching Tom Brady lead his beloved Patriots to the Super Bowl.

Wade Southwell, Silliman College, wade.southwell@yale.edu

Wade SouthwellWade has called South Africa, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and various other places across the Western, Midwestern and Southern United States home. After leaving home at a young age and embarking on some pretty hectic adventures, Wade came to Yale at the age of 25 to earn his bachelor’s. Joining RSL was a natural choice for Wade, as he finds the knowledge and experience he gained while navigating the college application process too valuable not to share.



Kevin Lin, Pierson College, kevin.lin@yale.edu

Kevin Lin

Kevin is from Brooklyn, New York. A prospective Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major, he is interested in environmental science, education, and urban development — and how those all tie together. Outside of those, he loves discovering great food (especially coffee) and exploring little pockets of nature within cities. He joined RSL because he is passionate about understanding and solving structural inequalities in education.



Sasha Epelbaum, Trumbull College, sasha.epelbaum@yale.edu

sasha epelbaum

Sasha is from New York City. She has no idea what she wants to major in or do when she is older, and is happy exploring and experimenting with different ideas and disciplines. She loves anything from art and literature to physics and economics. She enjoys roaming art museums and watching movies with friends. Sasha joined RSL because she would love to do anything to help alleviate and provide support during what can be a stressful college process.



Clara de Pablo, Berkeley College, clara.depablo@yale.edu

clara de pablo 2Clara grew up in Madison, Wisconsin but now calls Chicago (the city, not the suburbs) home. She has a variety of academic interests but is currently undecided about her major, though she anticipates something in the social sciences. At Yale, Clara is the slowest person on the club running team and a member of the Dems and Yale Outdoors. A grilled cheese enthusiast, Clara also enjoys biking, Netflix, and giving unqualified advice. She joined RSL because she had so much support during the college process and doesn’t want anyone to have to go through it alone.


Heather Wang, Berkeley College, heather.wang@yale.edu

Heather WangHeather Wang is from Dayton, Ohio. She enjoys life science and is hoping to major in either Psychology or Biology. She wishes to go to medical school and become a doctor after college. She likes to be active and loves to run, play tennis, and be outdoors. She also loves music and plays the violin. She joined RSL because she saw how much guidance and advice in college applications can impact an application and wants to give others the same amount of help and support that she received.



Emma Dinh, Morse College, emma.dinh@yale.edu

emma dinh
Emma is a sophomore hailing from Connecticut who plans to double major in Economics and Psychology and hopes to work to promote social and education equality one day. Aside from RSL, Emma works for the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, mentors high school students through the college application process with New Haven REACH, works as a consulting team member with Net Impact, and plans fun events with the Vietnamese Student Association. Having received little guidance when applying to college in high school, Emma understands how frustrating the process can be and hopes to help first generation, low-income students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams and reach their full potential.


Charles Parrino, Morse College, charles.parrino@yale.edu

Charles Parrino
Charles Parrino is an Economics and History double-major from Washington, DC. In his free time, Charles loves to watch sports and read and write for fun. His other campus activities include writing for the Yale Economic Review and serving as a research assistant for the Econ department. He can often be found at Pitaziki or watching the Office on weekends. He joined RSL because the day he got into college was one of the best days of his life, and he wants to help others achieve that goal.



Amanda Aguilera, Berkeley College, amanda.aguilera@readysetlaunch.org

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.12.14 PMAmanda Aguilera, a California native, is majoring in psychology. From a very young age Amanda has felt strongly about providing equal access to top-tier education trajectories to all young adults. Growing up in the Bay Area, Amanda was very cognizant of education disparities in her community, in which white students attended elite private schools or public schools in wealthy neighborhoods while minority students often attended poorly funded public schools. As a young woman of color, she feels blessed to have had the opportunity to attend an elite private school. Hoping to alleviate this education gap that also exists on a national scale, Amanda strives to personally work with high school students in the college application process to make her dream as well as theirs a reality.


Kerry Burke-McCloud, Morse College, kerry.burke-mccloud@readysetlaunch.org

Kerry pic

Kerry is a Classics Major from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In his spare time, he likes to work with the other members of the Yale Black Men’s Union and compete with the Yale Mock Trial Association. Having taught classes through Yale’s Splash and Sprout teaching programs, Kerry finds education to be one of the most important thing someone can have and he has made it his passion to help you achieve your goals!



Catalina Chernavvsky Sequeira, Trumbull College, catalina.chernavvsky-sequeira@readysetlaunch.org

IMG_1155 - Version 4

My name is Catalina Chernavvsky Sequeira and I’m in Trumbull. I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m still undeclared, but some of my favorite subjects are art history and psychology, and I have a love for languages. Some of my hobbies are photography and playing the piano. I chose to join RSL because I want everyone to have an equal opportunity when it comes to having aid or guidance through the stressful college application process.




Natalya Doris, Brandford College, natalya.doris@readysetlaunch.org


Natalya Doris is from Miami, FL. She currently plans on majoring in applied math, but is also interested in mechanical engineering, physics and economics. She spends most of her time outside of class on the water; she is a member of the Yale Varsity Coed and Women’s Sailing Teams. In her free time, she loves catching up with friends, playing the piano or watching some of her favorite TV shows on Netflix. She joined RSL because she was so grateful for all of the counseling she got through her college application process and wants to share what she learned with motivated students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.



Hannah Hauptman, Jonathan Edwards College, hannah.hauptman@readysetlaunch.org


Hi, my name is Hannah Hauptman and I’m originally from Arlington, Virginia. I play Ultimate Frisbee (yes, it’s a real sport!), and I love the outdoors of all kinds. My interests range from Public Policy and History (pretty normal) to Meteorology and GIS mapping (little less traditional). This is my second year as an RSL mentor, and I am very excited to get to be a part of this unique, useful organization.



Hannah Sachs, Berkeley College, hannah.sachs@readysetlaunch.org

Hannah RSL

Hannah lives in Berkeley College but is originally from New York, New York. She is very interested in studying the humanities and politics, and is majoring in history. Aside from RSL, Hannah writes for the Yale Herald and is involved in theater. She loves traveling, hiking, running, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Hannah joined RSL because she wants to share her own expertise and experience with students from diverse backgrounds who may not have the same opportunities she had.


Joseph Tomchak, Stiles College, joseph.tomchak@readysetlaunch.org

JoeJoseph Tomchak comes from a small high school in New Jersey and is a political science major. Joe’s interests in political science focus mainly on comparative politics as well as domestic education policy. Outside of class, he participates in several teaching and tutoring organizations and loves to read when he can find the time and motivation (he also spends more time than he cares to admit procrastinating work with Netflix). Joe joined RSL because his high school did not offer much help in applying to colleges and he would like to give students any help he can in making the complicated process easier.


Lauren Chambers, Timothy Dwight College, Lauren.Chambers@readysetlaunch.org

17Lauren Chambers

Lauren Chambers is from Hampton, Virginia. She loves science and math, and is anticipating a major in astrophysics – hoping to someday work at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. A music enthusiast, Lauren plays clarinet and piano, but loves to jam at live concerts or just alone with her headphones. She joined RSL because she went through the turbulent college application process alone, and wants to be able to make someone else’s experience easier.

Nora Etienne, Trumbull College, Nora.Etienne@readysetlaunch.org

17Nora Etienne

Nora is from Brooklyn, New York. Some of her academic interests are literature and writing. In her free time, she loves to creatively write, bake,and take dance classes. She joined RSL because she wants to be directly involved in helping motivated students have a successful college application process.


Benjamin Fait, Branford College, Benjamin.Fait@readysetlaunch.org

17Benjamin Fait

Ben currently lives in Branford College. Prior to Yale, he lived in Danville Pennsylvania and attended Danville Area Senior High School. His interests include literature and chemistry; hopefully he will major in one of these subjects or some amalgamation of both. Normally, he can be found running or reading.


Nick Friedlander, Davenport College, Nicholas.Friedlander@readysetlaunch.org

17Nick FriedlanderNick comes from a small, rural town in New Jersey. Right now, Nick is undecided on a major, but thinks he may pursue something in math or science. Outside of RSL, he is involved with a microfinance organization known as Elmseed, the YHHAP Book Exchange, and works at his college’s buttery called The Dive. Nick joined RSL because he was really impacted by his high school’s college counseling department, and hopes to make the same impact upon someone else, and make sure that each mentee feel completely comfortable with the college admissions process.


Ermal Hajrizi, Saybrook College, Ermal.Hajrizi@readysetlaunch.org

17Ermal Hajrizi

Ermal is originally from Kosovo, but grew up in the tiny state of Delaware. A (hopeful) Economics major, he’s interested in start-ups, loves technology, and is obsessed with Frank Ocean. He joined RSL as a way to give back after being mentored himself through the college process.


Sara Metzger, Berkeley College, Sara.Metzger@readysetlaunch.org

17Sara Metzger

Sara Metzger lived her whole life in Breckenridge, CO, a small ski resort town, until moving to the East Coast for college. From her Colorado roots, she developed a love for the outdoors and adventure. She enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, traveling and spending time with her friends. Her major is currently undeclared, but she is considered pursuing chemical engineering. Academically, she is also very interested in Spanish. As an RSL mentor, she aims to make the college application process exciting rather than stressful.


Eric Phung, Trumbull College, Eric.Phung@readysetlaunch.org

17Eric Phung

Eric is proud to represent the West coast. He was born and raised in Oakland, California. He comes from a public high school lacking resources, so he understands what it feels like to want some help and guidance. He is a Questbridge Match scholar and is currently undecided on a major, but is interested in the humanities and social sciences. Eric joined RSL because he likes helping others, especially in something as important as the college admissions process. He also likes being a mentor because he enjoys sharing his and pretending to have wisdom.

Jonathan Rush, Saybrook College, Jonathan.Rush@readysetlaunch.org

17Jonathan Rush

Jonathan Rush is from Scarsdale, New York. He is currently undecided on an academic major but has interests ranging anywhere from History to Physics. He loves to travel, enjoys playing and watching almost every sport, and is a big movie fanatic. Other than RSL, Jonathan is a member of the Yale Film Society and is a part of the Net Impact consulting team, focusing on local Social Enterprises. Jonathan became interested in RSL based on his prior mentoring experience in high school and is excited for the opportunity to guide other students through the daunting, yet rewarding, college application process.