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shows how ReadySetLaunch forms part of a growing movement of online mentoring. Organizations like I Could Be, Infinite Family and MentorNet mirror the work of ReadySetLaunch by using online tools to provide guidance for those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The obvious benefit of ‘e-mentoring’ is that it allows students who live in places where there is a lack of resources to be reached. Infinite Family connects children in South Africa who have lost their parents to HIV or AIDS with mentors from across the world. I Could Be is able to help teenagers from hundreds of different schools with career advising and college counseling. Similarly, ReadySetLaunch steers ambitious high school students from deprived families through the complex college application process, providing tailored individual support for each student.

It is no surprise that online mentoring is catching on. Through social networking, communication across the internet has become fundamental to how we interact with one another. Facebook and Twitter have gained such influence that they have even facilitated recent social revolutions across the world. Therefore, these organizations reflect the new patterns of communication in our digital age by creating a cost-efficient, viable and timely method for mentoring.

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