Our Mission & Story

ReadySetLaunch is committed to providing no-cost college advising to talented, financially disadvantaged high school students who are motivated to attend college. Through direct one-on-one mentoring, ReadySetLaunch seeks to level the playing field for college applicants.

ReadySetLaunch was founded during the summer of 2008 by Jim Liu (Yale ’12) and Tiffany Ho (Yale ’12). Sharing in their belief that “equal access” in higher education demands equal resources, seven fellow Yale Class of 2012 students joined them and set out to provide some of those resources for high school students at a financial disadvantage.

Seeking to leverage their own experiences to benefit others, the newly formed Board of Directors came to realize that the value of their college application experiences did not just lie in their acceptances, but in the information and resources that they could share with college-bound high school students who might otherwise find themselves lost in the confusing and stressful application process. Having personally experienced the resource imbalances that often severely restrict access to U.S. colleges, the Board realized they had the tools to help others realize their full potential. Recognizing that trusted knowledge and support are critical tools to successfully navigate the college application process, our mentors are deeply committed to delivering the highest quality advising at no cost.

ReadySetLaunch is entirely student run and is also advised by professionals in the higher education community. We look forward to offering our services to an increasing number of students as we carefully manage the organization’s growth. ReadySetLaunch is continually recruiting well-qualified mentors and welcomes inquiries from interested supporters who share in our vision.